40 Year Reunion



Our 40 year reunion is scheduled for August 15th through the 17th.

Friday - August 15th

Golf. We were thinking of having a golf tournament on Friday, but received little interest in it. If there are people who want to go golfing (very informal, just go out and play) let Matt know and he can set up tee times and get you in touch with each other.

6PM - Informal get together at the Red Lion BBQ and Pub. Located downtown at Main and Division, 126 N Division. Come early, stay late and catch up with all your friends. No food will be provided, but you can order off the menu and I'm here to tell you their Wine Broasted Chicken and Fried Bread is "off the hook"!

Saturday - August 16th

11AM - Tour of the School. Come to the school and look around. Find your locker. Hang out at smoker's corner. Just like the old days!

Noonish - Riverfront Park for lunch. Immediately after the tour we'll walk (or drive) to Riverfront Park and have lunch at the Fountain Cafe. Fun place in a great location and the chance to walk through downtown and see the changes from the last 40 years.

6PM - 10:30PM - Dinner and Dancing at Bluwoods Event Center. Cocktail hour will be from 6 to 7, followed by a few short presentations and fun stuff courtesy of some of our classmates. Dinner will be at 7, and dancing will follow about 7:30 or 7:45. Kick up your heels until 10:30, then you're on your own!

Price for the Saturday night event is $77.50 if you want to drink beer and wine or $67.50 if you don't want to drink. We also have 10 discount tickets available for $40 and $30. These were provided by a generous classmate who would like to give more people the ability to come, if funds are tight. You can choose the option that’s best for you. If you pay by Paypal, there is a $2.50 surcharge, which can be avoided by paying with check.

Dress for this event will be semi-casual, whatever that means to you. I'm going to be wearing clean jeans, a nice shirt, and possibly a sport coat. Let's not overdo it, right? Unless you want - then buy all means where tie and tails!

Sunday - August 17th

Noon - Family Picnic at Manito park. Invite whoever you want, bring your kids, grandkids, great-grandkids(?)! Invite people from other classes, excellent time to visit. We'll let you know the exact location later, but it will probably be in the upper park, on 25th. Bring your own food and drink, and if you're a Spokanite bring some extra camp/folding chairs if you can.

That's about it, it's going to be lots of fun with some downtime to walk around downtown, visit friends and family, and do whatever you want.

So... if you haven't signed up yet, click here. And don't forget to call, email, text, or Facebook your friends - we want a full house!!!


Informal get-together at the Red Lion Barbeque (Friday August 15 2014)

Pay for your own drinks or meals.
Fancy Dinner at BluWoods event center in Mead. (Saturday August 16 2014)
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Admission with Beer and Wine $77.50
Admission w/o Alcohol $67.50
Admission (check) with Beer and Wine $75.00
Admission (check) w/o Alcohol $65.00
Discount Admission with Beer and Wine $40.00
Discount Admission w/o Alcohol $30.00
Discount Admission (check) with Beer and Wine $37.50
Discount Admission (check) w/o Alcohol $27.50
Family Picnic at Manito Park (Sunday August 17 2014)